How does your order cycle work-when can I expect my first order?

The 15th of the month is a key date here at RRC. That is the time each month we close our order file and prepare to deliver the next month’s gift cards. So if we receive your new order, or change order request (including payment/banking changes) we will process your order and you will receive it via Canada Post the very next month. If you order after the 15th your first order or your order change will come to you the month after next. For example if you ordered on March 16th through to April 15th your order would come to you in May.

REMEMBER: You don’t pay for your order until the month they are delivered (not when you order). So relax and start enjoying the convenience of automatic monthly grocery/gas/coffee gift card orders delivered like clock work every month to your home via Canada Post without the hassle of signing for a FedEx package.